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Stages of publishing

Evaluation and Contract

When you send your manuscript, it will be evaluated at no cost by our Editorial Department that will determine whether your book qualifies for our co-publishing program. If your book project is accepted for publication, we will send you our editorial feedback and a publishing proposal along with the details of the co-publishing agreement. Once we receive the signed agreement, we proceed to the next step.

Editing and proofreading

The editor assigned to your book project will examine your manuscript, look for misspellings and grammatical errors, ensure text consistency, clarity, syntax construction, and literary quality. The editor will take into consideration the reading and comprehension levels to make sure the text is compatible with the readers to whom it is addressed. While giving suggestions to improve the work, we will always respect your voice, vision and style. Your editor will send you the edited version for your review and approval.

Illustration and Design

The Design Department will examine your manuscript and suggest the design and layout that best fit your book to attract readers. If you need illustrations, we will assign you the illustrator that will implement your vision and render the most appropriate illustrations. You will follow the illustration process from sketches to final art.

Production and Printing

Upon your review and approval of all previous stages, we pass the files on to our Production Department where all the details are ironed out. Our production staff will produce electronic files that will be reviewed again by your assigned editor and designer to ensure that it is flawless. Before moving to the next stage, we will send you a final proof for your review. Once we receive your approval, the files are ready to be sent to press. Our books are printed in paperback, hardcover is also available. We will re-print as many runs as necessary at no additional cost to you. Your book will always be in stock to fulfill any incoming order.

Distribution and Sales

Once the books have been printed, we send you 10 copies for your personal use and enjoyment. We set up the title for distribution with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and our Web Bookstores. We keep the remaining copies to fulfill orders. You will receive 25% of the net profit from the books we sell. Sales reports and royalty payments are sent twice a year.

What are the requirements

Laredo Publishing co-publishes a limited amount of titles every year. We do not accept all the manuscripts submitted. Your manuscript must meet certain quality requirements; same when illustrations are submitted along with the manuscript. Your book project will be evaluated by our Editorial Department to decide whether your work meets those requirements.

  • We accept fiction and non-fiction projects: children’s and young adults’ books, professional books, novels, poetry and memoirs.
  • We accept manuscripts in English, Spanish and Bilingual English/Spanish.

Why co-publish with us?

  • We have produced many award-winning books.
  • We have experienced teams of editors, illustrators and designers who will translate your vision into print.
  • We have published books in many genres and languages.
  • We distribute our titles through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and our Web Bookstore.
  • We are committed to provide high quality books.
  • You participate closely in the entire process of publishing your book.
  • We have been serving the publishing industry since 1991.

Our pledge:

After serving the industry for 20 years, we are committed to give our authors and illustrators the best opportunity to be published.

How to publishing

Your book project will be evaluated by the Editorial Department. If your work meets our co-publishing requirements and is accepted for publication, the process is as follows:

  • You provide the text (and illustrations when available)
  • We edit and proofread the manuscript
  • We provide customized color illustrations of inside pages and cover
  • We design the cover and the layout of interior pages
  • We assign an ISBN and a bar code
  • We register the work at the Copyright Office
  • We send electronic files to the printer
  • We print the books in paperback. Hardbound is also available.
  • We send you 10 copies and keep books to fulfill orders
  • We set up the title in our Web Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • You assume a portion of the co-publishing cost
  • You receive 25% of the net profit from the books we sell
  • We re-print as many runs as necessary to always have your title in stock