How to publishing

Your book project will be evaluated by the Editorial Department. If your work meets our co-publishing requirements and is accepted for publication, the process is as follows:

  • You provide the text (and illustrations when available)
  • We edit and proofread the manuscript
  • We provide customized color illustrations of inside pages and cover
  • We design the cover and the layout of interior pages
  • We assign an ISBN and a bar code
  • We register the work at the Copyright Office
  • We send electronic files to the printer
  • We print the books in paperback. Hardbound is also available.
  • We send you 10 copies and keep books to fulfill orders
  • We set up the title in our Web Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • You assume a portion of the co-publishing cost
  • You receive 25% of the net profit from the books we sell
  • We re-print as many runs as necessary to always have your title in stock

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