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The Brightest Bug by Jeslyn Everitt

Lucy is a little lightning bug. She has no light. She watches the other lightning bugs use their glow to make formations in the night sky. Longing to join in, Lucy sets out to light herself with external sources, a campfire, a porch light and the moon, and yet fails. It is only when she utilizes her darkness to tackle a dangerous mission does she find that the purest source of light comes from within.

Mirror, Mirror by Barbara J. Freeman

“Mirror, Mirror” uses a fresh and modern approach to capture the reader’s attention. Tina Thomas, a young girl of color, suffers from low self-esteem. She sits alone and glares into her old rickety mirror. The mirror rocks, shakes and shimmies! It has the loud voice of modern day rap! The mirror asks Tina, “Who is the prettiest girl that you can recall?” Tina cannot answer correctly until she is aware of her own history. Tina must recognize that all shades of brown skin are beautiful. This book teaches that beauty comes in all colors! Moreover, it teaches that beauty is not only the image we reflect outwards; it also reveals the respect and kindness that comes from our heart.

I Miss My Little Age by Jennifer Bisignano

“I Miss My Little Age” was inspired by a friend who told the story of crying on every birthday because she did not want to part with her age. “I Miss My Little Age” is told through the language of yoga postures from the point of view of a woman recalling the simple aspects of being a child. This book is interactive, relatable, and blends movement with language.

My Abuela is Sick by Jennifer Bisignano

Told from the perspective of an eight year old girl, this book focuses on a child who has a very sick grandmother. When the story begins she remembers beautiful memories of her grandmother but as it continues the events start to change. The girl tries to find answers to what is happening to her grandmother as her inner circle and herself become emotionally affected by the sickness. This book has been inspired by a woman battling cancer and her granddaughter who could not make sense of the events that were transpiring. The story is written in both English and Spanish because the main character is of Hispanic descent. Explaining cancer to kids is not an easy task. This is a learning tool for children, parents and educators. It includes an educational page on how to talk to kids about this disease. 2015 PURPLE DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARDS, SECON PLACE, 2016 BEST EDUCATIONAL CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK LATINO BOOK AWARDS MOST INSPIRATIONAL CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK – ENGLISH

Luisita is Sick/Luisita esta enferma by Dora Przybylek

Luisita feels very tired. She can’t run and play with her friends as she usually does. The doctor tells Luisita’s mom that Luisita has cancer. Luisita’s mom explains to Luisita what it means to have cancer. Luisita follows several treatments. She is very patient. She learns a lot from her doctors, nurses and friends. Luisita se siente muy cansada. No puede correr ni jugar con sus amigos como siempre. La doctora le dice a la mama de Luisita que Luisita tiene cancer. La mama de Luisita le explica a Luisita lo que significa tener cancer. Luisita sigue varios tratamientos. Es muy paciente. Aprende mucho de sus doctores, enfermeros y amigos

Luisita Cooks/Luisita Cocina by Dora Przybylek

Luisita asks her mom to teach her how to make fruit salad. Together, they choose different fruits, wash them, peel them, cut them and mix them all together in a bowl. Luisita’s mom tells her exactly what to do and Luisita follows every direction. Luisita is very proud and happy because now she knows how to cook! Luisita le pide a su mama que le ensene a preparar ensalada de frutas. Juntas escogen distintas frutas, las lavan, las pelan, las cortan y las mezclan en un plato. La mama de Luisita le dice exactamente que hacer y Luisita sigue cada indicacion. Luisita se siente muy orgullosa y feliz porque ahora sabe cocinar!

Jose Marti (Cuba) by Magalena Zenaida

An Honest Boy, Un hombre sincero, conveys the messages of Cuban national hero and prominent figure in Latin American literature, Jose Marti. Marti’s ideas about freedom, democracy and independence come together in a poetic way that ultimately becomes a call to Cuban freedom and universal friendship that echoes long into the future as part of one of Cuba’s most famous songs, Guantanamera.

Day of the Dead by Joyce Prince

Miguel awakes with a start. He thinks he has heard his grandfather’s voice. His grandfather, José Luis Muñoz, is challenging him to learn about his cultural heritage. During the bus ride to Oaxaca, Pepe tells Miguel about the celebration of the Day of the Dead, which is coming up soon. The story reflects the closeness that exists between the living and the departed loved ones. Paperback

Honorable Mention, International Latino Book Awards 2012, Best Educational Children’s Book, Bilingual