My Abuela is Sick by Jennifer Bisignano

Told from the perspective of an eight year old girl, this book focuses on a child who has a very sick grandmother. When the story begins she remembers beautiful memories of her grandmother but as it continues the events start to change. The girl tries to find answers to what is happening to her grandmother as her inner circle and herself become emotionally affected by the sickness. This book has been inspired by a woman battling cancer and her granddaughter who could not make sense of the events that were transpiring. The story is written in both English and Spanish because the main character is of Hispanic descent. Explaining cancer to kids is not an easy task. This is a learning tool for children, parents and educators. It includes an educational page on how to talk to kids about this disease. 2015 PURPLE DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARDS, SECON PLACE, 2016 BEST EDUCATIONAL CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK LATINO BOOK AWARDS MOST INSPIRATIONAL CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK – ENGLISH

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