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The Icky, Sticky, Tea Party by Ann M. Jenks

Jenny and Cindy spend the afternoon with the babysitter. The babysitter is busy texting and the girls are on their own to entertain themselves. Jenny decides to have a tea party. Cindy is playing her video game and does not want to help Jenny with her party. Jenny therefore takes matters into her own hands and uses her icky cold medicine as tea. Their dog, Moose, is also at Jenny’s tea party. Although Moose makes it out alive, the girls get in big trouble from Mom and Dad. They all learn a valuable lesson about medication safety. This book is written with a bit of humor, while weaving an educational message into the story for children and parents alike. Paperback

The Flightless Adventures by Michelle Seelye Drucker

Princess and Pearl are two Gentoo penguin chicks who love splashing their days away in the ocean with their parents always close by. One day, their parents suddenly disappear and the pair embarks on an adventure to fi nd them! Along the way they meet a very proper King penguin and a daredevil Rockhopper who dreams of learning to fly. But around every corner danger lurks as two terrifying sea lions plan to have them for dinner! Luckily, Princess believes the magical Little Blue Fairy penguins will watch over them and keep them safe. Will the legend of the Little Blue Fairies prove to be true? Or will the friends discover they only needed each other to fi nd their way home? The Flightless Adventures of Princess and Pearl, aimed at young readers ages 6-10, is a delightful story about diversity, growing up and friendship. Donovan’s Literary Services has reviewed this book: “A fun, appealing story that kids will find easy to read.” CHAPTER BOOK 2nd PLACE WINNER PURPLE DRAGONFLY AWARDS

The Apple Ville Curse by Michelle Seelye Drucker

Long ago and far away in the kingdom of Apple Ville, Princess Blossom enjoys spending her days riding her new pony Cinnamon. But when an evil curse befalls the land, it’s up to Blossom to save the kingdom. With help from her cousin Summer, will Blossom find the courage to save Apple Ville before it’s too late? This delightful book, aimed at ages 7-10 will whisk young readers away to a world full of mystery and adventure! For upcoming Village Princess Mystery books, visit, or

Tale y el secreto de la laguna by Raquel Benatar

Illustrated by Adrian Rubio. When the fourth sun goes dark there is no light or life on earth. The gods in the city of Teotihuacan meet to create the fifth sun, and to decide which one will be in charge of such an important task. After many fights and sacrifices the arrogant Tecucistecatl will become the Moon and the humble Nanahuatzin the Fifth Sun or the Sun of Movement. This wonderful Mexican legend shows how the days and nights were created giving life to human life on earth.

Sugar – A Princess Pit Bull Finds Her Family by Barbara Freeman

Sadie Sue has become the proud mother of five fuzzy soft and silky American Pit Bull Terriers. She dreams that each puppy will find a safe home with loving humans. She happens to be the runt of the litter. She is the true leader of all the puppies and relates to her beloved brothers with warmth and care. As her brothers find their own families, Princess bids goodbye to each of them. Hardbound