Tracy Andrews

Tracy Andrews lives in Tiverton, Rhode Island with her husband Steve and two sons, Traven and Aiden. She enjoys baking, sewing and writing children's books. Her son Aiden loves to make desserts and share them with his friends and family. The joy of baking and her children's adventures combined has inspired Tracy to write Chef Aiden stories. "Chef Aiden Goes to the Zoo" is the second book of Chef Aiden series. Each of Chef Aiden stories that are part of the series includes a different recipe. The illustrator Gaston Hauviller was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He received a degree in Fine Arts from "La Escuela Municipal de Bellas Artes Villa Mecenas". He also studied Animation, Psychology and Literature. Gaston is a highly recognized artist whose work has been published in Argentina, France, Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Chef Aiden Goes to the Zoo

Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. A day spent at the zoo soon becomes quite an adventure for the two brothers when they take a safari ride and meet up with a little monkey who jumps onto the roof of the truck. As their day comes to an end, Aiden and Traven enjoy a snack at the zoo. Thatís when Aiden has an idea for a recipe. Enjoy their adventure and try Chef Aidenís newest recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.

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