Judith G. Leifer

Judith G. Leifer was born in the small countryside town of Santa Cruz of Cajamarca in Peru. Her childhood was spent with her grandmother, parents, four brothers and three sisters in a residential hotel surrounded by colorful floral gardens and exotic birds. There, they enjoyed swimming in the river, taking walks in the meadows and making midnight bonfires. It was from those personal experiences that her inspiration for Princess Inkala and the Last Inka Dynasty was born. Ms. Leifer currently resides in New Jersey with her wonderful husband Jeff. Aside from writing stories, Ms. Leifer also teaches Spanish in an elementary school in Newark, New Jersey. The illustrator: Ruth Araceli Rodríguez was born in Mexico City, where she currently lives. She studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. Ruth has illustrated several books both in Mexico and the United States, and works as a freelancer with several magazines and newspapers.

Princess Inkala and the last Inka Dynasty

Princess Inkala and the Last Inka Dynasty is the story of a young Chimu princess who embarks on an unforgettable journey. Inkala is fierce, courageous and kind. Even after tragedy strikes her life, Inkala is able to find peace, love and laughter. Her two best friends, the fuzzy Alpaca and the colorful parrot, Lorito, are always there to comfort her. With Alpaca and Lorito by her side, Inkala remains strong. Yet, rebellion soon falls upon the land she knows and loves, and the friends are forced to flee! In this incredible adventure throughout the Inka Empire, Princess Inkala faces love, betrayal and the ultimate test of friendship. Visit our web site: www.princessinkala.com

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