Ian White

Ian White was born and raised in England where he developed a passion for science and the natural world, and briefly worked as a theoretical physicist. After reluctantly switching to a real job, he moved to New York in 2003 where he lives with his wife and toddler son. Ian loves running and, of course, animals. He has previously been a keeper of snails, mice, newts, fish and a cat, not at the same time, but is currently pet-less. Probably not for long. Magical Animals is his first children's book.

Magical Animals

Leo is bored, wishing there was more magic in life. He gets a big surprise when a mysterious wizard appears and sweeps him away on an incredible whirlwind tour of the animal kingdom! Join the fun as they witness some amazing animal powers at work, from chameleon camouflage to sticky gecko feet, and visit beautiful habitats from the frozen Antarctic to the mighty mountains of the Himalayas. After this exciting adventure you'll have to agree with the wizard that life has a special magic all of its own!

What the author says:

I've had a great experience publishing 'Magical Animals'. Raquel my wonderful editor has answered my endless questions with supreme patience and as soon as I saw Gaston's beautiful illustrations I knew I had made the right decision to work with Laredo!