Tracy Andrews

Tracy Andrews lives in Tiverton, Rhode Island with her husband Steve and two sons, Traven and Aiden. When her youngest son was five, Tracy started an in home daycare, so that she could be home with her children. She enjoys sewing, making crafts and baking. Her son Aiden loves to make desserts and share them with his friends and family. Tracy's favorite season is fall. Her son's joy of baking and her love for the fall season inspired her to write Chef Aiden and the Corn Maze.

Chef Aiden and the Corn Maze

Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. When Aiden hears that the corn maze they are about to explore may be haunted, he becomes a little scared. The two boys and their friends Nick and Alex discover what's haunting the corn maze and enjoy the surprise that's waiting for them. Have fun with their adventures and try Chef Aiden's delicious recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.

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