M.H. Zuntamin

M. H. Zuntamin is a Mother's Choice Award Silver recipient and a finalist in the International Book Award. Since she was a child telling stories and entertaining others has been her forte. Her stories are a combination of urban and traditional tales. "All Is What It Is" is her first book, part of a series about cultural and social differences for children and adults. Ms. Zuntamin enjoys cooking, teaching and writing. She divides her time between the Midwest and the East Coast with her family.

All is What it Is

What makes the world what it is? If you are thinking of an answer, then look no further than this book. "All Is What It Is" is a timeless treasure and an educational tool that introduces readers of all ages to the idea of what makes the world what it is. This simple and yet highly entertaining story is about acceptance of all people that are part of our world and that make it what it is. The author uses metaphors to welcome diversity and to emphasize that all people are important no matter what their color, shape, health or size. A must read!

What the author says: