What's the Big Idea? by Joan LoPresti and Bob Danner
Wouldn't it be fun to read a book about how kids think using retro-like illustrations? What's the big idea? is meant to get young children thinking about where ideas come from and how we learn to place value on them. Each page is composed of opposite thoughts/ actions that are very relatable to the actual lives of children. The illustrations are multicultural and the photo realistic settings are varied to help the reader identify with each situation. For added fun, key words in the text graphically represent what they mean. In addition, there's a guide for parents and teachers with extended enriching activities. Look Inside
Where the Wild Things Aren't by Alex Trevisan
From wild things under the bed to monsters behind the closet door, children are often scared by what is cooked up in their imaginations. This book strives to teach young children that many frightening situations they encounter are in fact nothing to worry about. paperback Look Inside
Why Did You Leave Us by Misty Woodard Hardison
Benson is a very happy boy who enjoys spending time with his grandparents. He learns that in life we sometimes lose the people we love. He also learns that his grandparents will always be close to his heart by cherishing the memories they shared in the past. Talking to children about the loss of loved ones can be a sensitive topic to address. "Why Did You Leave Us, We Loved You So?" helps children understand that death is a natural complement to life. This book explores the meaning of life, death and heaven, as well as how to stay close in spirit with grandparents who have died. Look Inside
Will the Baby be Bigger than Me by Dr. J. Fallon and Dr. Feltenstein
A boy's fears about the changes that might come with a new baby in the family are relieved when he sees that the new arrival looks just like him. A humorous situation delivered with mastery by Dr. J Fallon and Dr. A. Feltenstein. Hardbound
Your Homophone is Ringing by O.K. Read
Homophone? What is that?!!? It's the same sounding word with different meanings. Try finding these homophones in rhyming sentences complemented with illustrated pictures. It's not as easy as it sounds! Your Homophone is Ringing is a series of independent sentences to encourage reading and stimulate the reader's imagination enough to write something on their own. Look Inside