Rad is Mad by Leah Guzman
Rad has no friends. All the other monster trucks cruise together and have fun. Rad is SMAD; he feels sad and mad. He starts trucking out of control through the bumpy road. He hurts other trucks and makes them sad. His road rage feelings stop him from making friends. Rad is a rough and tough monster truck who learns that it is important to talk about his sad and mad feelings rather than acting them out, hurting others and himself. This lesson let him show others his shiny side and make new friends. Rad's story touches the inner world of children of all ages and is an excellent vehicle to help young readers deal with their feelings. Paperback Look Inside
Save the Rainforest by Marybeth Markie
Save the Rainforest, follows the Treefolk high above the Yucatan Peninsula and its tropical rainforest. "Timber!" warn the giants as they cut deeper and deeper into the rainforest, making way for new homes and buildings to be built for the people who visit there. Mama and Papa Celeste are tired of all this moving. That night at the Treefolk Town Hall, Papa comes up with a plan to save their village. Will it work? Open up to page one to find out for yourself what adventures are in store for our tiny Treefolk! This story brings awareness to young readers of the fragility of our planet and our role in protecting it. Paperback Look Inside
Sebi, Maia and the lost Mexican pyramid by Carolina Valenti Pinto
The mysterious disappearance of the Pyramid of the Sun has triggered sadness and worries among the Mexican people. Sebi and Maia, two siblings with secret super powers, have responded to their cousin Sofia's call for help to find the pyramid. Together, they will stop at nothing to solve the mystery and recover one of the most precious monuments of the Mexican cultural heritage. Sebi, Maia and the Lost Mexican Pyramid educates and entertains readers throughout the pages while making them realize that modern times can live in harmony with the preservation of the past, traditions and cultural heritage. Look Inside
Sugar - A Princess Pit Bull Finds Her Family by Barbara Freeman
Sadie Sue has become the proud mother of five fuzzy soft and silky American Pit Bull Terriers. She dreams that each puppy will find a safe home with loving humans. She happens to be the runt of the litter. She is the true leader of all the puppies and relates to her beloved brothers with warmth and care. As her brothers find their own families, Princess bids goodbye to each of them. Hardbound Look Inside Facebook
Super Jack by Julie Rausenberger
Meet Jack, a scruffy, young German shepherd pup. Jack likes his comfy bed. Jack likes his bouncy, blue ball. And Jack likes wearing his bright, red bandanna. But what does Jack love? Protecting the world from super villains! Well at least those in his own backyard! Thanks to Jack the backyard is safe from sneaky cats, Senor Toot, the super skunk, and Mr. Raccoon. Paperback Look Inside
Super Smart Sugar by Barbara Freeman
Many people suspect that their dog is exceptionally smart. Super Smart Sugar, the author's family dog, is intelligent and humorous. This book describes real situations that show Sugar's talents and skills. Readers are encouraged to identify their dogs' smart traits and compare them to Sugar's. Many readers will fi nd that their dogs are intelligent, witty and loving. This book recognizes Sugar, an American Pit Bull Terrier, as an intelligent, humorous and cleaver dog. Hardbound Laminated Look Inside Facebook