Postcard From London by Rachel Faith
Illustrated by Alejandra Bize.It is Christmas Eve in Berlin. Leonard receives a postcard from a little girl in London called Marianne, asking him to visit her and bring the brightest starlight in the world. Curious about the world beyond his neighborhood and sensing that this is no ordinary postcard, Leonard decides to jump straight through the postcard and see what awaits him in London. Following on the magical heels of Postcard from Copenhagen, Postcard from London is the adventure of two different kids from two different cultures, who fi nd common ground through exploration, friendship, and letting the strength of their own bright lights shine out into the great big world. Look Inside
Riddles/Adivinanzas by Vita Mones & Eleanor Strauss Rosenast
Riddles/Adivinanzas is a series of whimsical, thought provoking riddles that will ignite the imagination of young readers. The book is geared for students age 8 through 11. It can be used as an easy-to-read book for younger students. For older students having difficulties with learning to read, it can be a motivator. Playful illustrations support the text and can be used as an aid in deciphering the meaning of the riddle. In addition, the illustrations can be used as a coloring book. Each riddle is written in both English and Spanish, so that children have fun while learning a new language. Riddles/Adivinanzas is a very useful tool in a bilingual program. Look Inside
The Little Lost Dog/El perrito perdido by Maria Puncel
Alicia hurts her leg and must stay in bed. The neighborhood friends visit her every day. Makoto finds a little lost dog who got hurt. He brings the dog to Alicia's to keep her company. Alicia's mother, who is a nurse, takes care of the dog's wounds. When Alicia's father finds the dog's owner, Alicia must return it. The Little Lost Dog is a bilingual story about friendship, solidarity and generosity. Look Inside
The New Friend/El amigo nuevo by Maria Puncel
A new family has moved to the neighborhood. The neighborhood friends wonder where the family comes from. Tito meets the boy who has moved into the house that was empty. His name is Makoto and he is from Japan. Soon Makoto and the neighborhood friends become inseparable. Together, they share games and experiences. The New Friend is a multicultural story about the values of friendship, welcoming and acceptance. Look Inside
The Prize/El premio by Maria Puncel
The school principal receives a letter from the Mayor's Office. The mayor has organized a drawing contest for all the schools in the district. The principal asks the students to draw a picture. Fernando wins first place and receives several gifts that he shares with his classmates. The Prize is a bilingual story about friendship and the value of sharing. Look Inside
The Storm/La tormenta by Maria Puncel
The day is bright and sunny. The neighborhood friends are playing in the park. A storm with gusty winds hits the neighborhood. The storm is raging. This is a day the neighborhood friends will always remember. The Storm is a bilingual story about friendship and neighborhood solidarity. Look Inside
The Treasure Hunt/La caza del tesoro by Maria Puncel
It is very cold. The park is covered with snow. The neighborhood friends are bored and do not know what games to play. Francisco, Paul's older brother, comes to the rescue. A mysterious adventure awaits them. The Treasure Hunt is a bilingual story about the values of being creative and playing games together. Look Inside