Breast Health with Nutribionics by Dr. Romy Roy
Nutribionics unravels the mysteries of Eastern Medicine and nutrition to fight breast cancer by celebrated author Dr. Romi Roy. She developed an improved method of using cancel chemo-therapeutic drug which reduced the side effects. She is actively involved in developing nutrition plans for women's disorders. Paperback, $8.95
Buckle Up Little Bunny! by Marianne Ashlin
The character in the book is a happy little bunny whose mother tells him to buckle up whenever there is a seat belt for him to use. Little Bunny likes being buckled up in his seat belt; it makes him feel safe and happy. Before long, Little Bunny begins to buckle up without being told. This makes Mama Bunny happy too, and that's what it's all about! Children will learn to buckle up their own safety belts through a catchy sentence Mother Bunny repeats whenever there is a seat belt to use. The activity pages at the end of the story provide children with some helpful tips to keep themselves safe at home.Look Inside $12.95
But Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To? by Carolie Warren
Taking care of elderly parents can be a challenging privilege. The author of this inspiring story experienced four years of doing so and addresses the oft-unspoken question caretakers of the elderly hesitate to ask: 'Why do we uproot so much of our lifestyle for the sake of his?'Mama answers that question for Bronson who realizes that Grandpa is allowed to break the rules that he is expected to follow. This book will encourage families in similar situations Paperback Look Inside $16.95
Chef Aiden and the Corn Maze by Tracy Andrews
Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. When Aiden hears that the corn maze they are about to explore may be haunted, he becomes a little scared. The two boys and their friends Nick and Alex discover what's haunting the corn maze and enjoy the surprise that's waiting for them. Have fun with their adventures and try Chef Aiden's delicious recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.Paperback Look Inside $14.95
Chef Aiden Goes to the Zoo by Tracy Andrews
Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. A day spent at the zoo soon becomes quite an adventure for the two brothers when they take a safari ride and meet up with a little monkey who jumps onto the roof of the truck. As their day comes to an end, Aiden and Traven enjoy a snack at the zoo. That's when Aiden has an idea for a recipe. Enjoy their adventure and try Chef Aiden's newest recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.Paperback Look Inside $14.95
Chiruma (Guatemala) by Raquel Benatar
Illustrated by Vivi Escriva. When people come to the Chisay River to destroy its natural habitat, Mother Nature reacts by drying it up until a respectful young man humbly asks for permission to dip from its wealth and is granted authorization. Look Inside $12.95
Cookies and Cake and the Families We Make by Jennifer Egan
This a book about exposure and acceptance of the diverse families that are part of our society: single parents, two moms, two dads, one of each or even an unrelated guardian. Those families, who may at first seem different are quite similar, because what really matters is the love and care they give to their children. The author uses the metaphor of the different cakes and cookies we can bake to help young readers respect and accept diversity. Paperback Look Inside $9.95
Daisy's New Day by Kathryn Heim
This book tells the story of a little girl who gets a big hug from her mommy and daddy when she wakes up in the morning to start her new day. Using a mix of imagination and the wonder of childhood, this heartwarming book shares a timeless message that speaks to all generations and teaches children the value of expressing love to those close to us. "Daisy's New Day" is a read aloud book for toddlers and Pre-kindergarten children. Paperback Look Inside $14.95
Day of the Dead by Joyce Prince
Miguel awakes with a start. He thinks he has heard his grandfather's voice. His grandfather, José Luis Muñoz, is challenging him to learn about his cultural heritage. During the bus ride to Oaxaca, Pepe tells Miguel about the celebration of the Day of the Dead, which is coming up soon. The story reflects the closeness that exists between the living and the departed loved ones. Paperback
Honorable Mention, International Latino Book Awards 2012, Best Educational Children's Book, Bilingual
Look Inside $12.95
Dear Daddy by Joyce Stath
When a Parent Dies is the story of a little girl whose father dies suddenly of a heart attack on the day their family is moving to a new home.Paperback Look Inside $6.48