Amor, Suenos y Fantasias by Alfredo Romero Espinoza
La coleccion de historias cortas "Amor, suenos y fantasias", esta basada en historias reales de diferentes personas cuyas vivencias colindan con la ficcion y sin embargo la sobrepasan. Estas historias hacen hincapie en las experiencias vitales mas fuertes del ser humano, el amor y el sexo, y tambien en los suenos, que a veces se confunden con la realidad y se quedan impregnados para siempre como un suceso mas de nuestras vidas.Paperback
Day of the Dead by Joyce Prince
Miguel awakes with a start. He thinks he has heard his grandfather's voice. His grandfather, José Luis Muñoz, is challenging him to learn about his cultural heritage. During the bus ride to Oaxaca, Pepe tells Miguel about the celebration of the Day of the Dead, which is coming up soon. The story reflects the closeness that exists between the living and the departed loved ones. Paperback
Honorable Mention, International Latino Book Awards 2012, Best Educational Children's Book, Bilingual
El carnicero de los Andes by Eleazar Zavaleta Lozano
"El carnicero de los Andes" describe una terrible realidad: la de los traficantes de organos humanos. Es una historia entretenida que mantiene la intriga y la atencion del lector desde el principio hasta el final. Paperback
Jose Marti (Cuba) by Magalena Zenaida
An Honest Boy, Un hombre sincero, conveys the messages of Cuban national hero and prominent figure in Latin American literature, Jose Marti. Marti's ideas about freedom, democracy and independence come together in a poetic way that ultimately becomes a call to Cuban freedom and universal friendship that echoes long into the future as part of one of Cuba's most famous songs, Guantanamera. Paperback
2014 16th International Latino Book Awards: Best Latino focused Children's Picture Book, Best Children's Non-fiction Picture Book The Mariposa Award, Best First Book/Children and Youth.
La princesa Inkala y la ultima dinastia Inca by Judith G. Leifer
La princesa Inkala y la ultima dinastia inca es la historia inolvidable de una joven princesa chimu que embarca en un misterioso viaje. Cuando surge una rebelion en su tierra natal, se ve obligada a huir con Alpaca y Lorito. En esta historia de aventuras, la princesa Inkala se enfrentara con desafios y traiciones, la posibilidad de amar y la prueba definitiva de una amistad. Paperback
Luisita and COVID-19/Luisita y la COVID-19 by Dora Przybylek
Luisita first hears about COVID-19 on TV. As she usually does, she asks her mom many questions. She learns about the disease and what to do to avoid getting sick. She misses going to the park and seeing her friends, but she enjoys her family time while staying home. Many things have changed and Luisita is happy to go back to school. Paperback
2020 Narrativa infantil - Mencion de honor.
Luisita Cooks/Luisita Cocina by Dora Przybylek
Luisita asks her mom to teach her how to make fruit salad. Together, they choose different fruits, wash them, peel them, cut them and mix them all together in a bowl. Luisita's mom tells her exactly what to do and Luisita follows every direction. Luisita is very proud and happy because now she knows how to cook! Paperback
Luisita is Sick/Luisita esta enferma by Dora Przybylek
Luisita feels very tired. She can't run and play with her friends as she usually does. The doctor tells Luisita's mom that Luisita has cancer. Luisita's mom explains to Luisita what it means to have cancer. Luisita follows several treatments. She is very patient. She learns a lot from her doctors, nurses and friends.Paperback
2018 International Latino Book Awards: Most Inspirational Children's Picture Book, Bilingual.
Luisita Recycles/Luisita recicla by Dora Przybylek
Luisita learns how to take care of our planet by recycling plastic and cardboard items. She is surprised at the things she can do to protect the world we live in. She is happy to know that everyone can help, even little kids. Paperback
2020 International Latino Book Awards: Most Inspirational Children's Picture Book- Bilingual and Best Children's Picture Book Translation - Spanish to English.
Luisita Rides her Bike/Luisita monta en bicicleta by Dora Przybylek
Luisita gets a big surprise from her dad. He has an enormous box waiting for her. It's a box all wrapped up in a pretty paper of many colors. Inside the box there is something that will make Luisita very happy: a bike! Her dad will then teach her how to ride it. She is very excited and learns how to ride her new bike very quickly. Paperback
2017 International Latino Book Awards: Best Children's Picture Book Translation.