Super Smart Sugar by Barbara Freeman

Many people suspect that their dog is exceptionally smart. Super Smart Sugar, the author's family dog, is intelligent and humorous. This book describes real situations that show Sugar's talents and skills. Readers are encouraged to identify their dogs' smart traits and compare them to Sugar's. Many readers will find that their dogs are intelligent, witty and loving. This book recognizes Sugar, an American Pit Bull Terrier, as an intelligent, humorous and cleaver dog. Hardbound
2015 Purple DragonFly Book Awards: Educational/Instructional; Animals/Pet Category.

The Ant and the Grasshopper by Jan Eberle Schaberg

The Ant and the Grasshopper is a classically written, full length story based on Aesop's famous fable. The characters' personalities and beautiful illustrations come to life, including the Grasshopper's forever fiddle! This lively story is full of suspense and intrigue and remains a beacon of strong moral lessons such as sharing, helping the neighbors, faith and greed. Paperback

The Apple Ville Curse by Michelle Seelye Drucker

Long ago and far away in the kingdom of Apple Ville, Princess Blossom enjoys spending her days riding her new pony Cinnamon. But when an evil curse befalls the land, it's up to Blossom to save the kingdom. With help from her cousin Summer, will Blossom find the courage to save Apple Ville before it's too late? This delightful book, aimed at ages 7-10 will whisk young readers away to a world full of mystery and adventure! Paperback

The Brightest Bug by Jeslyn Everitt

Lucy is a little lightning bug. She has no light. She watches the other lightning bugs use their glow to make formations in the night sky. Longing to join in, Lucy sets out to light herself with external sources, a campfire, a porch light and the moon, and yet fails. It is only when she utilizes her darkness to tackle a dangerous mission does she find that the purest source of light comes from within. Paperback

The Flightless Adventures of Princess and Pearl by Michelle Seelye Drucker

Princess and Pearl are two Gentoo penguin chicks who love splashing their days away in the ocean with their parents always close by. One day, their parents suddenly disappear and the pair embarks on an adventure to find them! The Flightless Adventures of Princess and Pearl, aimed at young readers ages 6-10, is a delightful story about diversity, growing up and friendship. Paperback

The Icky, Sticky, Tea Party by Ann M. Jenks

Jenny and Cindy spend the afternoon with the babysitter. The babysitter is busy texting and the girls are on their own to entertain themselves. Jenny decides to have a tea party. Cindy is playing her video game and does not want to help Jenny with her party. Jenny therefore takes matters into her own hands and uses her icky cold medicine as tea. Their dog, Moose, is also at Jenny's tea party. Although Moose makes it out alive, the girls get in big trouble from Mom and Dad. They all learn a valuable lesson about medication safety. This book is written with a bit of humor, while weaving an educational message into the story for children and parents alike. Paperback