Honey Bun and Chip by Michael Hardesty

Honey Bun, an eastern cottontail girl rabbit, and Chip, a small boy chipmunk, live in Mr. Miller's urban backyard. They don't play together because Honey Bun thinks the two of them are too different. That all changes when Chip helps Honey Bun elude Cletus, a neighbor's prowling cat. Honey Bun finds that she has many things in common with Chip and, above all, she understands that their differences are not important. A learning glossary introduces young readers to the different plants and animals that live in Mr. Miller's backyard. Paperback

I Do Not Want This On My Plate by Jennifer Bisignano

Based on the many years the author has taught early childhood education, the story is about a girl who has a spoonful of green beans placed on her lunch plate for the first time. She does not want them there and gets upset. She cannot avoid the watery vegetables or eat around them. The caregiver's rule is to try something new once. The child expands her trust in the caregiver and tastes the green beans. Children often learn from stories that are told multiple times. This is one of them! Paperback
2014 Purple DragonFly Book Award: Picture Book 6 and older; 2015 Florida Book Festival, Children's Books; 2019 Mom's Choice Awards, Gold Award.

I Miss My Little Age by Jennifer Bisignano

"I Miss My Little Age" was inspired by a friend who told the story of crying on every birthday because she did not want to part with her age. "I Miss My Little Age" is told through the language of yoga postures from the point of view of a woman recalling the simple aspects of being a child. This book is interactive, relatable, and blends movement with language.Paperback

It's Snowing Gold by Kimberly Brown

It's Snowing Gold is a beautiful and tender story of a young, energetic narwhal named Nia, who goes on a very special journey with her mother to celebrate her sixth birthday. There is excitement and adventure throughout their journey, as well as a touching ending that shows perseverance pays off and that love abounds. It's Snowing Gold is also a delightful story about hard work and achieving goals. Paperback

Louie, A Highland Terrier by Renee McGrady

Louie, a West Highland Terrier, is the smallest puppy in the litter. Dr. Krista has just moved to a new town far away from her family and doesn't know anyone. She adopts Louie and their lives together begin. Louie loves Dr. Krista and tries to be the best dog he can possibly be, but sometimes he just forgets. Join Louie and Dr. Krista as they learn how to become a family. Paperback

Magical Animals by Ian White

Leo is bored, wishing there was more magic in life. He gets a big surprise when a mysterious wizard appears and sweeps him away on an incredible whirlwind tour of the animal kingdom! Join the fun as they witness some amazing animal powers at work, from chameleon camouflage to sticky gecko feet, and visit beautiful habitats from the frozen Antarctic to the mighty mountains of the Himalayas. After this exciting adventure you'll have to agree with the wizard that life has a special magic all of its own. Paperback