A Friend for Punky by Marjorie Hamilton Rose

Punky, the little polecat, was happy in his new home under the hedge near a big house. He could not understand why Missy, the aristocratic yard dog, or Cato, the cat or even the grouchy groundhog who lived in a nearby field, were so rude to him. There was something different about him they did not like. However, when danger approached, they learned that even someone who is different can be a most valuable friend. Paperback

A Lime Says It's Time for a Pickle and a Rhyme by O.K. Reade

A Lime Says It's Time for a Pickle and a Rhyme is a series of independent sentences complemented with illustrations. The purpose of this book is to encourage reading and stimulate readers' imagination enough to write something on their own. Paperback

All is What It Is by M.H. Zuntamin

What makes the world what it is? If you are thinking of an answer, then look no further than this book. "All Is What It Is" is a timeless treasure and an educational tool that introduces readers of all ages to the idea of what makes the world what it is. This simple and yet highly entertaining story is about acceptance of all people that are part of our world and that make it what it is. The author uses metaphors to welcome diversity and to emphasize that all people are important no matter what their color, shape, health or size. A must read! Paperback

Am I Still Special by Dr. J. Fallon and Dr. Feltenstein

This book deals with siblings' jealousy in a charming and delicate fashion. The authors have brought to this series a sensitive approach to common day to day problems of growing up in a family. Paperback

Buckle Up Little Bunny! by Marianne Ashlin

The character in the book is a happy little bunny whose mother tells him to buckle up whenever there is a seat belt for him to use. Little Bunny likes being buckled up in his seat belt; it makes him feel safe and happy. Before long, Little Bunny begins to buckle up without being told. This makes Mama Bunny happy too, and that's what it's all about! Children will learn to buckle up their own safety belts through a catchy sentence Mother Bunny repeats whenever there is a seat belt to use. The activity pages at the end of the story provide children with some helpful tips to keep themselves safe at home.Paperback

But Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To? by Carolie Warren

Taking care of elderly parents can be a challenging privilege. The author of this inspiring story experienced four years of doing so and addresses the oft-unspoken question caretakers of the elderly hesitate to ask: 'Why do we uproot so much of our lifestyle for the sake of his?'Mama answers that question for Bronson who realizes that Grandpa is allowed to break the rules that he is expected to follow. This book will encourage families in similar situations Paperback