Luisita Travels/Luisita viaja by Dora Przybylek

Luisita and her parents travel to visit her parents' friends in Los Angeles. Luisita discovers many new things and befriends Albert. She also learns about people with disabilities. Luisita travels / Luisita viaja is a book about thoughtfulness and acceptance. Paperback

Nuestra Historia by Raquel Benatar

From politics to the arts, science, education, sports, fashion and public service, young readers will discover the journey of twelve people of Latino and Spanish background who made a difference in American life, no matter the barriers they encountered or the adversities they had to face. Paperback

Postcard From Copenhagen/Postales de Copenhague by Rachel Faith

Growing up in New Mexico, Alice is curious about the world beyond. One afternoon she receives a postcard from Silke in Copenhagen. Realizing this is no ordinary postcard, Alice jumps right through it and finds herself in the middle of a journey that begins on cobbled streets and winds up on a mysterious island. Paperback

Postcard From London/Postkarte aus London by Rachel Faith

It is Christmas Eve in Berlin. Leonard receives a postcard from a little girl in London called Marianne, asking him to visit her and bring the brightest starlight in the world. Curious about the world beyond his neighborhood and sensing that this is noordinary postcard, Leonard decides to jump straight through the postcard and see what awaits him in London. Paperback

Riddles/Adivinanzas by Vita Mones & Eleanor Strauss Rosenast

Riddles/Adivinanzas is a series of whimsical, thought provoking riddles that will ignite the imagination of young readers. The book is geared for students age 8 through 11. It can be used as an easy-to-read book for younger students. For older students having difficulties with learning to read, it can be a motivator. Playful illustrations support the text and can be used as an aid in deciphering the meaning of the riddle. In addition, the illustrations can be used as a coloring book. Each riddle is written in both English and Spanish, so that children have fun while learning a new language. Riddles/Adivinanzas is a very useful tool in a bilingual program. Paperback