Full of Empty by O.K. Reade

Sammy is having a birthday party. He�s incredibly. happy until only half of his friends came to his celebration. How would you feel? Are you sad because half of your friends didn't show up or happy because half of your friends did? This book is your invitation to Sammy's birthday party! Won't you attend? Paperback laminated

George the Giant by Mary Mackiewicz

Imagine looking up into the sky through a child's eye. The clouds begin to form the shape of a castle, and the castle comes alive with colorful dragons. Beneath the clouds, on a mountain peak sits George the Giant in need of sleep. The dragons' mischief creates a world of confusion leaving George the Giant in search of a new home. An alluring wise spirit living in the forest awaits the arrival of George the Giant. The tiny wise spirit Anja speaks words of wisdom to George the Giant, and teaches him about friendship and making amends. Paperback

God's Soul Food by Olive Williams

God's Soul food is a taste of the hidden goodness God wants us to enjoy. In it there is a taste of that inner peace, touching body, soul, and spirit. It is nourishing to both the physical and spiritual, pointing to that deeper depths and higher heights in God. Paperback

Grandma's Garden by Julie Ann Dolle'

Grandma's Garden is a heart-warming story of a little girl, Genny, who comes to live with her grandparents one summer. There are many interesting, beautiful and encouraging things to learn at Grandma's, from the enchanting color of flowers and plants growing in the garden to the delicious array of fruits that will be turned into luscious pies and jams. As time passes, Genny becomes a grandmother herself and shows her grandchildren the wonders of nature and lessons of life, just as her grandma did. The cycles of nature and life are perfectly woven in this lovely children's book. Paperback

Green Not Greener by O.K. Reade

Have you ever wished you were someone else? Doing what they do? Looking how they look? A wild horse had these thoughts and envying. a racehorse, devised a plan to replace him. Green Not Greener is an exciting story with a twisting plot and a challenging rich vocabulary; so for all you advanced readers - get ready to ride Paperback laminated

Here Goes My Heart by Linda Prejean & James R. Vevaina, M.D.

Here Goes My Heart, How to Find Love and Romance after 50 is not a book on how to find a perfect mate. Rather, the book leads you to make changes in yourself that can help attract a person who is right for you. This book is spiritually based to help you create an emotional bond that makes dating more fun, intimate and satisfying. Dating can be more challenging after 50 and this book combines contemporary ideas with secrets that have withstood the test of time. After reading and applying the methods, you might find yourself in the love frequency. Paperback

HippoDuck Trouble at the Airport by Sandra Magura

HippoDuck is an unusual stuffed animal. Hippo is friendly and always loves a good adventure. Duck is shy and likes to stay home and play. Hippo and Duck have been sewn together so neither of them would get lost. Early one summer morning HippoDuck, their best friend Charlotte and her family were on their way to the airport. HippoDuck had no idea that their first trip with Charlotte would be full of adventures. In an unexpected turn of events at airport security, Charlotte is nowhere to be found. HippoDuck travel through the busy airport, visit a bookstore, the food court, a baggage claim belt and even travel on a moving walkway. Will they ever find Charlotte before their plane leaves? Paperback

Honey Bun and Chip by Michael Hardesty

Honey Bun, an eastern cottontail girl rabbit, and Chip, a small boy chipmunk, live in Mr. Miller's urban backyard. They don't play together because Honey Bun thinks the two of them are too different. That all changes when Chip helps Honey Bun elude Cletus, a neighbor's prowling cat. Honey Bun finds that she has many things in common with Chip and, above all, she understands that their differences are not important. A learning glossary introduces young readers to the different plants and animals that live in Mr. Miller's backyard. Paperback

I Do Not Want This On My Plate by Jennifer Bisignano

Based on the many years the author has taught early childhood education, the story is about a girl who has a spoonful of green beans placed on her lunch plate for the first time. She does not want them there and gets upset. She cannot avoid the watery vegetables or eat around them. The caregiver's rule is to try something new once. The child expands her trust in the caregiver and tastes the green beans. Children often learn from stories that are told multiple times. This is one of them! Paperback
2014 Purple DragonFly Book Award: Picture Book 6 and older; 2015 Florida Book Festival, Children's Books; 2019 Mom's Choice Awards, Gold Award.

I Miss My Little Age by Jennifer Bisignano

"I Miss My Little Age" was inspired by a friend who told the story of crying on every birthday because she did not want to part with her age. "I Miss My Little Age" is told through the language of yoga postures from the point of view of a woman recalling the simple aspects of being a child. This book is interactive, relatable, and blends movement with language.Paperback