Chef Aiden and the Corn Maze by Tracy Andrews

Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. When Aiden hears that the corn maze they are about to explore may be haunted, he becomes a little scared. The two boys and their friends Nick and Alex discover what's haunting the corn maze and enjoy the surprise that's waiting for them. Have fun with their adventures and try Chef Aiden's delicious recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.Paperback

Chef Aiden Goes to the Zoo by Tracy Andrews

Aiden and his brother Traven love going on adventures. A day spent at the zoo soon becomes quite an adventure for the two brothers when they take a safari ride and meet up with a little monkey who jumps onto the roof of the truck. As their day comes to an end, Aiden and Traven enjoy a snack at the zoo. That's when Aiden has an idea for a recipe. Enjoy their adventure and try Chef Aiden's newest recipe with your friends and family in your own kitchen.Paperback

Cookies and Cake and the Families We Make by Jennifer Egan

This a book about exposure and acceptance of the diverse families that are part of our society: single parents, two moms, two dads, one of each or even an unrelated guardian. Those families, who may at first seem different are quite similar, because what really matters is the love and care they give to their children. The author uses the metaphor of the different cakes and cookies we can bake to help young readers respect and accept diversity. Paperback

Cornelia Ladybug and Other Tales by Pete Ross

Meet Cornelia Ladybug and other creatures, and learn interesting facts about their life cycle, habitat, eating habits and more. Paperback laminated

Daisy's New Day by Kathryn Heim

This book tells the story of a little girl who gets a big hug from her mommy and daddy when she wakes up in the morning to start her new day. Using a mix of imagination and the wonder of childhood, this heartwarming book shares a timeless message that speaks to all generations and teaches children the value of expressing love to those close to us. "Daisy's New Day" is a read aloud book for toddlers and Pre-kindergarten children. Paperback

Day of the Dead by Joyce Prince

Miguel awakes with a start. He thinks he has heard his grandfather's voice. His grandfather, José Luis Muñoz, is challenging him to learn about his cultural heritage. During the bus ride to Oaxaca, Pepe tells Miguel about the celebration of the Day of the Dead, which is coming up soon. The story reflects the closeness that exists between the living and the departed loved ones. Paperback
Honorable Mention, International Latino Book Awards 2012, Best Educational Children's Book, Bilingual

Dunwoody by Pamela Hartley

Imagine your most unlikely hero! A muscular, mohawked male on the loose in a deserted school building; rock star rapper by day, fire fighter by night, mathematical wizard, monster truck driving dynamo, and romantic Romeo oozing with 'animal magnetism'! Meet Dunwoody, from the guinea pig variety.This feisty but ferocious classroom pet creates mayhem and mischief at the Christmas party, becomes friends with his most deadly enemy, and brings a little love into the life of a forgotten little girl. Readers will learn that every dream can become a reality and that even the smallest creature can prevail over the largest of obstacles with passion and imagination. Above all, Dunwoody is a story of friendship, solidarity and determination.Paperback

Dunwoody City Mall Masquerade by Pamela Hartley

Guess who is back for more? The Master of Mischief, Dunwoody is back and into tons of trouble again creating chaos at the Super City Mall. He daringly dodges a new pink do at the hair salon, terrifying toys gone bad at Tom's Terrible Toy Store, and clenching claws at the Arcade Arena. As if that wasn't bad enough, Billy the Bully makes a surprise visit to perpetrate the perfect crime at the pet store and possibly make Dunwoody his very own pet! Will a pint-sized mohawked marauder equipped with a blazing skateboard and multitude of amazing furry and feathered friends, be able to bamboozle the bad boys, stop the stealing, and save the Super City Mall? Dunwoody proves that teamwork is unstoppable, the impossible is achievable, and rip-roaring adventure is just around the corner. Paperback

El carnicero de los Andes by Eleazar Zavaleta Lozano

"El carnicero de los Andes" describe una terrible realidad: la de los traficantes de organos humanos. Es una historia entretenida que mantiene la intriga y la atencion del lector desde el principio hasta el final. Paperback

Entre lineas by Carmela Escobar

Entre lineas es una recopilacion de algunos de los poemas que la autora ha logrado rescatar a lo largo de los anos, a traves de su vida. Habiendo dejado desde muy joven su amado Peru, Carmela Escobar dejo alli tambien los versos de su ninez, escritos en cuadernillos de escuela, quizas guardados en cajitas llenas de recuerdos junto con una pegatina, la pelusita de la patita de un conejo, un llavero o una foto que le dio su madre. Los poemas se quedaron alli y a lo mejor Carmela Escobar ni siquiera los recuerda, pero si permanecen sus vivencias. "Entre lineas" es el corazon abierto de Carmela Escobar, es el dejarse llevar por el momento, el aqui y el ahora, plasmados en papel. Y sus 'rayas', como ella llama a sus dibujos de flores, son lo mismo: un mensaje entre lineas, un mensaje que es la esencia de lo que ella quiere para este mundo en el que vivimos. Ese mensaje es el amor mismo. Hardbound laminated