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Chapter 2
Deep in a Dream
Hours had passed since Inkala’s descent into the water. Alpaca had
tried to pull her out of the river, but was unsuccessful at each attempt.
Feeling hopeless, Alpaca raced after her friend right along the river’s
edge. Inkala was unconscious and drifted downstream with her face to
the sky. While floating, she was taken deep into a dream.
Princess Inkala found herself lost in a memory of a time when she
was in the Inka Empire. In her dream, the princess was in the middle of
Machu Picchu with Alpaca by her side. Inkala then wondered, “What a
beautiful morning! It’s been so long since I’ve been here. But why am I so
Alpaca, who was by her side, responded, “You’re cold because you
forgot to put on your poncho, gloves and scarf.”
“But, I’m still cold,” Inkala said shivering.
“Don’t worry. Soon the sun will be high enough to warm you up,”
Alpaca said as she walked Inkala to class, warming the princess along the
way with her fur.
When Princess Inkala and Alpaca arrived to Intihuatana, only
Professor Amauta was there, since the others were running late. Inkala,
seeing the students coming up from the valley bellow, yelled, “Oh look,
they’re coming!”
As Prince Huascar made his way up first, he rushed underneath
a ladder. The young painter standing on the ladder crashed down onto
the paint filled clay pots below and shattered them to pieces. Prince
Atahualpa, Llama and Puma followed, slipping right into the puddles of
paint. Since the clean-up took so long, the class began late.
Soon enough, one by one, the students arrived to class. The first to
get there was Prince Atahualpa who quickly apologized for being late. As
he spoke, Inkala watched him closely. For the first time she realized how
good looking the prince was.