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“Okay, father. I’ll do as you wish,” Inkala agreed and walked away
crying with a knot in her throat. Then, as she left in one direction, she
turned around to see that the Inka General had made his way to her
father, knocking him straight to the ground with a single blow!
Inkala ran back to help her father but was caught by one of the
General’s soldiers who pushed her to her knees and struck her across the
head with his heavy shield! The impact was so hard that Inkala’s limp
body rolled down the hill into an adjacent creek. King Chimu triedescaping
thegripsofhis captors tonoavail.As loudlyashewasable to, heshouted, “No, it can’t
be! My little princess!” Helpless, the General and his soldiers then took
the king away.