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Prince Huascar then blamed Prince Atahualpa and Llama for their
tardiness. “Enough! Stop all this arguing!” Atahualpa said. “I like
Princess Inkala’s idea. The Intihuatana is a great place to have today’s
Puma scratched his head and complained, “I don’t get it. Why would
anyone want to have a class here at this old, ugly rock anyway?”
Llama gazed gently towards Puma and explained, “It’s clear you
haven’t studied for the exam today. This rock is actually a famous
sundial that is used as a calendar. It marks the new harvest season
in the Southern Hemisphere. Every June 21
there is a big celebration
‘The Inti Raymi Festival’.
“Alright, pipe down Llama,” Puma interrupted, “I know about that
sun festival and all the other ones we celebrate. My head’s starting to hurt