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Puma then chimed in, “I don’t know why you’re apologizing,
Atahualpa. We’re only a few minutes late.”
“Hey, you guys got here really late,” Alpaca rebutted.”
“I don’t consider this late,” Prince Huascar added, “Anyway, can
anyone tell me why we had to come all the way up here today?”
“I suggested to Professor Amauta that we meet outside of
the classroom. I thought it would be nice to see the Intihuatana,”
Princess Inkala explained.
Prince Huascar, having his own feelings for the princess,
tried to mask them with utter rudeness and stated, “I have a
problem with that! See, first of all, I don’t like this place, and no one
even asked
if I wanted to have class outside.”
“Well, maybe you were late to class that day,” Inkala told him.