Your book project will be evaluated by the Editorial Department. If your work meets our co-publishing requirements and is accepted for publication, the process is as follows:
  • You provide the text (and illustrations when available)
  • We edit and proofread the manuscript
  • We provide customized color illustrations of inside pages and cover
  • We design the cover and the layout of interior pages
  • We assign an ISBN and a bar code
  • We register the work at the Copyright Office
  • We send electronic files to the printer
  • We print the books in paperback. Hardbound is also available.
  • We send you 10 copies and keep books to fulfill orders
  • We set up the title in our Web Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • You assume a portion of the co-publishing cost
  • You receive 25% of the net profit from the books we sell
  • We re-print as many runs as necessary to always have your title in stock

A fast publishing process

We work with a team of editors, designers and illustrators. A publishing consultant will be assigned to you to coordinate the editorial and book design process. When co-publishing with us, the publishing process takes 2 to 3 months.

You participate

As a partner in co-publishing, you will be actively involved in the publishing process by reviewing and approving every stage of producing the book until the files are sent to press. The editor assigned to you will suggest the necessary editorial changes to enhance the literary quality and readability of your book. You will work closely with a designer in the process of designing and illustrating your book, from sketches to final art. This is a dynamic, personalized and interactive process that allows you to maintain control of your work.

The rights belongs to you

The rights to the work belong to you. Your work will be registered at the Copyright Office under your name.

High profits

You receive 25% of the net profit from the books we sell. A sales report and royalty payment will be sent to you twice a year.

Your book gets distributed

Your title will have worldwide visibility and exposure. Your book will be set up for distribution with major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes& Noble as well as in our Web Bookstores. We fulfill and ship all the orders we receive.

You can promote your book

When co-publishing with us, you have the freedom to promote your book wherever you want. The publishing consultant assigned to you will discuss with you the marketing plan and book promotion that best fits your book.

Your title is always available

We will re-print as many runs as necessary to make sure your book is always in stock at no additional cost.