Mi Abuela is Sick by Jennifer Bisignano
Told from the perspective of an eight year old girl, this book focuses on a child who has a very sick grandmother. When the story begins she remembers beautiful memories of her grandmother but as it continues the events start to change. The girl tries to find answers to what is happening to her grandmother as her inner circle and herself become emotionally affected by the sickness. This book has been inspired by a woman battling cancer and her granddaughter who could not make sense of the events that were transpiring. The story is written in both English and Spanish because the main character is of Hispanic descent. My Abuela is Sick deals with cancer, a subject that is difficult for many parents to talk about and moreover, give their children the appropriate answers to their questions. Explaining cancer to kids is not an easy task. This book is a learning tool for children, parents and educators. It includes an educational page on how to talk to kids about cancer. Look Inside
Miss Debbie Duck by Nan Mac
Miss Debbie Duck is an extraordinary duck with a heart of compassion and love for the fi ve little ducklings she adopts. She teaches her ducklings to believe in themselves and to find their passion to have a goal in life. Miss Debbie Duck knows it is a big world out there and that one day her little ducklings will be set free and have to conquer the world on their own. Miss Debbie Duck is now a proud parent of five successful ducks!!!! To all the parents reading my book to their children, please teach your children to believe in themselves, to have self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. Look Inside
Mother Oak by Jodie Amelia
Because the only path into the woods ends at the river, and the river is filled with hungry crocodiles, crossing the river is forbidden. The mysterious wild reveals intoxicating perfumes, lilac honey and an ancient Red Oak, Mother Oak. Change is imminent, so Mother Oak rallies Lady Blue, the wind, the sun and the rain to tuck her remaining acorn away into earth's cocoon. The acorn loses its tiny tan cap in the tumble, gets dumped upon, danced upon and rained upon all to become the most essential Red Oak in the woods. "Mother Oak" is a tapestry, illustrating the broad and fine brush strokes in nature. "Mother Oak" prods the imagination, encouraging young readers to venture forth. Paperback Look Inside
My Name is Rebecca Romm by Rachel Levy Lesser
Rebecca Elizabeth Romm is annoyed when everyone compares her to her mother's mom, because all she wants is a name of her own. That changes when Rebecca's teacher assigns the class a research project. Paperback Look Inside
Olmo and the Dragon by Vivi Escriva
Olmo discovers the value of friendship through a fun-loving and affectionate dragon who becomes his friend. Olmo and the dragon dream, laugh, share experiences, and get into trouble with Olmo's mother. But one day, Olmo's house becomes a little too small for such a big dragon. Written and illustrated by Vivi Escriva. Paperback
Peacock Blues by Leslie Rounkles
What animal wouldn't love to be able to walk around the zoo instead of being in an enclosure? Polly Peacock lives in a zoo. He comes and goes as he pleases. As Polly walks around the zoo, he sees all the animals having fun. He thinks all of the other animals have much more appealing lives. Polly no longer wants to be a peacock. In the end, one incident changes Polly's mind. Peacock Blues is an insightful story about self-acceptance and acknowledgment of the uniqueness in each of us. So, when you're feeling blue, remember there's something good in all of us! Look Inside