Mirror, Mirror by Barbara J. Freeman

“Mirror, Mirror” uses a fresh and modern approach to capture the reader’s attention. Tina Thomas, a young girl of color, suffers from low self-esteem. She sits alone and glares into her old rickety mirror. The mirror rocks, shakes and shimmies! It has the loud voice of modern day rap! The mirror asks Tina, “Who is the prettiest girl that you can recall?” Tina cannot answer correctly until she is aware of her own history. Tina must recognize that all shades of brown skin are beautiful. This book teaches that beauty comes in all colors! Moreover, it teaches that beauty is not only the image we reflect outwards; it also reveals the respect and kindness that comes from our heart.

One thought on “Mirror, Mirror by Barbara J. Freeman

  1. Hello Big Sis!!! This is Lynn Colbert!!!!!! How are you guys? We are doing great here in OK. I’m very proud of your success in writing your books. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My friends and I were going over the books that you have written. Good Luck on your next book!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it Going!!!!!!! Love Ya Girl!!!!!!!

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